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Electrical Services 

Spectro Property Solutions undertake any type of electrical work.

Installing a new electrical system, repairing a lamp or even replacing a light bulb, there is no job that our specialist won’t be able to do it and not a single problem that cannot be solved.


  • Fuse Board Repairs and Replacement;

  • Domestic & Commercial Wiring;

  • Sockets, switches and light fittings;

  • Security Alarms;

  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems;

  • Landscape Lighting Systems;

  • Kitchen, Bathroom and any domestic appliances installation;

  • Heating units installation;


Spectro Property Solutions undertake any type of electrical work, for both domestic and commercial facilities, our contractors have the knowledge and experience to achieve high standards, and making our customers satisfied

In installing electrical systems in the building alone, there are a lot of considerations. Faulty wiring and other mistakes can endanger the occupants of the building and cause the owner to lose so much money. Therefore, it is important that only expert tradesmen and electrical engineers work in such an area.


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